What A Blessing

I just want to say, without a doubt, God has truly blessed me. I have received nothing but positive responses about The Everlasting Choice, as it seems to be having a significant meaning in people’s lives. I have had some post comments on here, and several messages by email. While some people have messaged me on facebook as well. I even received a hand written letter, which was really awesome, especially, for this day in time. At my most recent festival on Oct. 20th 2012, which was the Home Craft Days Festival in Big Stone Gap Va., I had the pleasure of meeting a few people who had already read my book, as we spoke about it in person. Hearing from everyone about what they have gained from the book is such a wonderful blessing. I want to thank each and every person who has taken the time to read my book, as I do give God all the credit for allowing me to write a story that has had such a powerful impact in the lives of others.

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