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Friday, March 18th, 2011

Hello everyone, my name is David Roberts, author of the true life-like story “The Everlasting Choice.”

The Everlasting Choice is a touching story about a Christian family dealing with financial hardships. This family is soon thereafter placed in the lives of non-Christian family; one that is quite wealthy, at least in sight of how the world views being rich.

You, the reader will quickly see the obvious differences between the families, as they must interact with one another. As the families become more familiarized with each other, several social issues we see in everyday real life begin to unfold just as well. Like a lot of Christians, John and his family will do their best to reach out to the non-believers, however, the question is apparent, will they be saved?

This scenario creates a true life, hard hitting, eye opening, realistic, yet heart touching story that anyone and everyone does relate to. The story alone will encourage anyone who reads it to walk closer to Jesus Christ; whether if they have been saved or not. The Everlasting Choice will have a major impact in your everyday life, as this story is sure to hit close to home.

The Everlasting Choice is a Christian novel, one that backs up the Heavenly Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit. Nothing in this book defiles the Word of God, as the moral of the story is to show why it’s important for us to accept Jesus Christ into our lives, before it’s too late.

If you’re looking for an exciting novel that you can’t lay down, one that focuses on encouraging everyone to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord as Savior, all while digging deep into several social issues, then this is the Choice for you.

This book is so powerful, as it is an absolute must read for everyone. I am openly inviting anyone to share their thoughts with me, either by blog, email, facebook, or you can even send me a letter, as I will respond to each question and comment.

David Roberts