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David Roberts was born and raised in rural Southwest Virginia, right in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, in a small town less than an hour from Bristol, Tennessee. At age nineteen, Roberts, felt God took a simple planned out day and flipped his life upside down. Needless to say, our Lord got his attention. Through this, he felt like God was knocking on his heart to make some changes in his life. He didn’t really know much about being a Christian, so he did what any Wise County native with a lost soul might possibly do. He started making many trips to the well-known High Knob, Wise County’s highest peak, which provides breathtaking views into five states on a clear day. David felt the old fire tower that once stood on the mountain top put him as close to God as possible.

Those spiritual trips up that mountain eventually led him to explore many areas across our nation. Over the years, Roberts maintained sight of the purpose God had laid out for him. He strongly feels that his eyes have seen a nation that displeases our Heavenly Father. Roberts’ experiences are what essentially inspired him to write the book “The Everlasting Choice.”





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