Travel along a spiritual journey with a remarkable Christian family as they drive down the twisting road of life.

Witness how they react when encountering true-life experiences and scenarios. The sharp narrow curves they approach must be taken with great precaution. Upon entering and exiting every bend in the road, they must avoid the worldly obstacles placed in front of their path. Learn why they choose to turn left or right with their actions in accordance to what God wants of us and not what the world desires.

This Christian family fully understands that the road of life leading to God has many on and off ramps. While their souls are ready for destination heaven, other characters along this route are lost.

Experience what these Christians face when they stop and give directions to a family that is lost in the eyes of God and are waiting for Satan to forever detour them off of God’s eternal road.

Anyone, including you, who reads this story will grow and walk closer to Jesus Christ and will learn to identify true deception through keen perception.




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An Interview With God

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